Friday, June 18, 2021

PT. Galeri Jepara Utama



GALERI JEPARA is Professional manufacturer and exporter of wooden furniture from Jepara, Indonesia
where the climate, the land and the people provide the perfect combination to make Jepara indeed the Furniture Capital of the World. Since 2008 we produce Mahogany Indoor Furniture, Teak Outdoor Furniture and Synthetic Rattan Furniture. Our products range includes Living Room, Furniture, Bed Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Office Furniture, Bar Furniture and Special Furniture, and also custom design based by customer picture and requested.

Since we started we had our focus on the following:

  • Be the manufacturer of choice for our customers worldwide.
  • Manufacture the best quality furniture made from the best quality wood.
  • Meet our delivery commitment all the time, no delays .. no excuses.
  • Give our customers the best prices and the best values.
  • Make our customer buying experience and ejoyable one, so they come back and buy from us again.

Visit our websites, check our online catalogue, call us, email us or even visit us in Jeparan and we will be happy to answer all you questions.

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