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Welcome to Galeri Jepara

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We are a reputable manufacturer and exporter located in Jepara, Indonesia where the climate, the land and the people provide the perfect combination to make Jepara indeed the Furniture Capital of the World.

Since we started we had our focus on the following :

  1. Be the manufacturer of choice for our customers worldwide.
  2. Manufacture the best quality furniture made from the best quality wood.
  3. Meet our delivery commitment all the time, no delays .. no excuses.
  4. Give our customers the best prices and the best value.
  5. Make our customer buying experience an enjoyable one, so they come back and buy from us again.

We hire the best quality workers and craftsmen, and we also have a large network of suppliers in Jepara and across Indonesia, so no matter what your request is we will make it happen.
Our real reward is when our customers send us Thank you letters and come back and order more. Visit our websites, check our online catalog , call us, email us or even visit us in Jepara and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

We also make Bespoke furniture, so if you have a certain design in mind please share it with us , send us drawings or pictures and we will generate a working design, share it with you and manufacture it up to your satisfaction. Remember that our aim is to become you manufacturer of choice for all your furniture needs.

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